Further, faster, longer

Our resources and education are here to assist your officiating journey to ensure you are well equipped to prepare effectively, perform at your best and recover well, whilst reducing your risk of injury, keeping you in the game for longer.

Female-specific tips

  • Find out more about; Strength and conditioning, menstrual cycle, preventing injuries, how to maximise performance and much more – all specific to you, the female official.

The most effective and evidence-based activity to best prepare you to perform on the field both mentally and physically whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Your guide to the physical fundamentals through to specific conditioning that will enhance your performance to meet the demands of the game as an official.

There are several demands that impact upon your overall load and general wellbeing. Find out what you can do to manage load more effectively to enhance development and overall wellbeing.

It is important to recognise that changes in your health and wellbeing can be dependent on many factors. Much like players, you need to first understand ‘load’ and the management of it and that it’s an ongoing topic that requires an individualised approach and solution.

From injury to rehabilitation and returning to play, see what you can do to manage your injury more effectively through a step-by-step guide with our experts.